Worldcore Relies on Voice Biometrics for Payment Authentication


A new digital payments platform is aiming to use voice biometrics as a secure means of customer authentication.

Worldcore Relies on Voice Biometrics for Payment AuthenticationCalled Worldcore, the company aims to be the first European Union-regulated payment platform. It’s currently seeking PCI DSS Level 1 certification, with an eye to launching its e-commerce solution by this summer. And a major component of the platform’s value proposition is its VoiceKey security.

When a user opens a Worldcore account, the platform prompts her to set up a custom phrase that is a few seconds long and features 10 to 12 syllables. That voiceprint is then used for all subsequent user authentication, with VoiceKey using more than 100 parameters to establish that the voice of the user trying to access an account matches the voiceprint established for security.

The company is aiming to launch mobile app solutions by the end of this year; if those continue to rely on voice authentication alone, it will be interesting to see how users respond to the passphrase security in comparison to the increasingly widespread fingerprint scanning systems on smartphones.

Source: FindBiometrics