Toyota’s Smartphone Car


Smartphone on Wheels

Those of us who are ardent followers of Technology should have seen this coming. Imagine a car that is without physically mounted steering, where you would have to use in-built integrated system for turning the car wheels back and forth. It does not  stop there. Goes further to have a touch screen door where the user just touch to open the door.


 Mere sighting of this car reflects what use to be cartoons now turned reality. Does this remind you of transformers? Or the voltron lion robots?

Highly built by semiconductor elements. Is it just to say the future of cars is around the corner?



One interesting thing here is there seems to be gradual disappearance of Graphical User Interfaces. Just like the replacement of physical keyboards by the touch (soft) keys we now have on tablets and smartphones, we now see the replacement of physical wheels by soft (touch) enabled ones.

Computer software algorithms/engineering will definitely have a greater dominance in these new generation of cars. Therefore programmers, do tighten up your sleeves.

What an interesting future the world has got.

Courtesy :Engr. Oluwatobi Owoeye