The Need for Nigerian Innovation and renewed Sustainability Goals.

Innovation concept with financial elements hand drawn on blackboard
Innovation concept with financial elements hand drawn on blackboard

The Need for Nigerian Innovation and renewed Sustainability Goals…

Slave trade in Africa as conveyed by some historians is often blamed on white Political Masters who explored the human resource of the Continent for centuries. However, some of these Historians fail largely to blame resident rulers of African races at that material time in History, who consented to the forced labor and exile of their kinds in exchange for gold and silver. Portuguese adventurers sailing Southeast along the Gulf of Guinea in 1472 domiciled on the coast of what became Lagos, Nigeria. Following this, is a yet to be estimated mammoth exodus of young Africans from West Africa to North, South America and Europe. Many of whose genetic semblance today point to ancestral links in Africa.

In addition, today, the story is not so different from the mass slavery of Africans in the past. Several African Nations are still deadlocked in “Mental Slavery”, as core infrastructural, economic, social and educational developments needed to liberate and truly make an independent African Federation is still at large.

Furthermore, take for instance the Nigerian context, who got independence from British in 1960, and has had the privilege of abundance of both Human and natural resources, who also at some point in the past had a National currency that was ranked with the British Pound Sterling but today, with very little to show for it. Evidenced by most of its citizens currently living below the poverty line.

This is largely due to gross mismanagement, massive unchecked money laundering and corruption of over thirty (30) years by successive Governments (both Federal/State) in Nigeria. Nigerian National incomes have been occasionally traced to Individual Foreign Bank Accounts owned by former Appointees or Public Civil Servants within the country.

Hitherto has socio-economic growth of Nigeria been hampered giving birth to guerrilla violence, agitations and rogue activism by improvised peoples such as the Niger Delta Militants and Boko Haram group. In the case of Boko Haram, which interprets as “Western Education is sin”, in the reality, under-development in North Eastern Nigeria (Maiduguri, Borno State) over successive years has led to militancy, only recently being a religion-ized (or Islamized) concept. The School, where two hundred (200) high school students were abducted is ill equipped, unprotected, and largely deserted, void of socio-economic amenities thereby easily placing the students and staff in arms-way.

Supposed Mission Objectives (Purpose)

Historically ignored effects and information on  human rights with respect  to accessing financial support for teenagers  and young adults (ages 13-19, 20-25) towards attainment of formal education, in Nigeria which eventually lead to violent activism and societal decadence, advantaged by errant violent groups will be explored by is yet to be estimated.

The Current State of Affairs

The average Nigerian as at 2016, has access to a Mobile Device for making/ receiving calls. An Android restful (representational state transfer) Web/Mobile Application containing key information such as Age, Location, Education, Skill, Financial Status, What is needed to further Skill/Education, Accessibility to funds for school or skilled occupation among several key areas of interest will be outlined in a respondent manner in order to gather factual needs, reasons, and answers to financial accessibility to Educational needs and amenities for youths and adults alike.

Data picture possibly showing the effects of long term corruption and human rights abuse in Nigeria in line with un-financing Education and Youth empowerment. This could help into insights  on factual effects of long time money laundering and non-existence of social amenities to children, youth, adults; people with disabilities; marginalized populations; government institutions; local community; schools, etc.; disenfranchised by sex and type of disability if possible.

An Urgent and Emerging Need

Nigeria is blessed immensely with Human Resource, which is still under- utilized as at the time of this writing. A close observation of money laundering, and eventual human rights abuse in Nigeria reveals that Nigerian financial Institutions are heavy collaborators of stolen funds meant for its people. Alternatively, they could have been exits to what would be solvents to high quality standard of living, and reduced cost of living. Thereby creating a huge migration of invaluable Human Resource that would erstwhile positively transformed and maintained national developments as found in other countries. These financial institutions or bodies also discriminate against potential economic ideas or citizens who if given the financial support and morale, could transform the socio- economic status of the country.

Of late, these financial Institutions have also been at the receiving end due to long term non-compliance of ethics of their profession and have found themselves unable to sustain employees of some of their institutional infrastructures given the recent Nigerian Economic debacle. Most of these events are unreported, un-monitored and underscored. The effect of which, is further societal decadence such as kidnapping, insecurity, violent insurgency, theft just to mention a few.

A lot of young Nigerians have ideas, skills and expertise that could make them World renowned International producers. This, Nigeria seriously needs as the country has long emphasized (over depended) on her Natural resources, chief of which is oil production. Students studying with power supply who may be involved with some form of practical work are denied access to educational facilities such as the internet and other electronic powered devices due to abuse related to this menace.

Pertinent is it to mention here that World Leading Economies such as the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, and China all have excellent financial schemes for their citizens to thrive and develop as the controller of their Natural and Artificial Resources. Yet, Africa, particularly Nigeria is yet to find her bearing in doing the needful for its teeming youthful generations.

Indeed, the over-emphasis and dependence on oil as foreign exchange earner, more importantly the abandonment of Human Resource which is the Chief of all empirical material resource(s) is one of the fundamental problems of human rights abuse in Nigeria.

Nigeria also boasts of a large number of churches and Mosques. However in contrast to the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, and Europe who received the Gospel of Jesus way before Nigeria did, or Saudi Arabia who are the leaders of the Muslim religion who leads Islam way before Nigeria did, her religion is having little or no effect of the values Nigerians hold.

A typical Nigerian over-values personal physical currency to National, or productive values. Successively over the past 30 years, individuals make it a target to divert public funds to private accounts. In fact, the local Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has its hands full each year with issues relating to diversion of public funds to individual accounts. Youths all over the nation who have the strength to work are left out of gainful employment because of gross mismanagement and corruption. As we speak Nigeria is yet to have a reliable power supply grid to serve home grown industries after years of heavy foreign exchange crude oil earnings. What a shame!!!  Nigerian population feeds on rice as the most staple family food. Over 17. Million metric tons of this agricultural product is consumed annually. It’s the most served food as jollof, fried or any other blend that is prepared and served. Yet, successive governments have seen no need of investing in this sector that is carting millions of hard currencies away annually.

The immediate past president of the United States upon assumption of office, made it a priority to diversity infact, change the energy source of North America. As at last year 2016, United States of America no longer depend on oil s its primary energy source.

Businessman and business sketch
Businessman and business sketch

Nigerians should stop putting blame on colonial masters or central governments. It’s an individualistic thing. It’s a mindset. Period! Most of these developed countries today were made by indigenes who made it attractive for international respondents. Take a visit to some embassies in Nigeria, you will marvel how Nigerians keep vigil to have Visa approval to leave the country. This same pull let’s Nigerians travel at all costs over the dangerous Mediterranean sea in a bid to get to elusive greener pastures.

Nigeria is a huge country blessed with so myriad of tribes and tongues, do you want to talk about North, West, East or South-South of the country? There is enough landmass to build 1,000 refineries yet Nigeria can boast of just 3 for over 30 years. At some point, it became a pride for looters to build refineries outside of Nigeria’s industrial environment. Some even celebrate this feat. But, human beings made these countries they all strive to travel to abi? So how hard is it to translate the same progressive step to the Nigerian context?

When I’m with my friends I ask them how people who steal public funds for personal use can sleep well at Night. Secondly I also wonder why Nigerians like exalting/praising looters and politicians who have little or no impact on their life, keep doing so over and over again. Is poverty meant to blind or to develop the vision to get out of it?


Tony Elumelu foundation has been doing wonders over the years. At least if such foundations like this can arise and help Nigerian youths, someday Nigeria will get there.

Very soon I am going to release the sequel to the publication, “The Making of A Disciple”, first published in April, 2016. This edition will be on Google-Play Store. This is a very insightful book you cannot afford to miss Look out!


Engr. Oluwatobi Owoeye
possess over seventeen (17) years’ fruitful working experience in Computer Systems and Software Technologies. Furthermore, he holds his 1st degree in Computer Science. His  specialty is embedded with active research in Robotics & Mobile Computing: Analytics, Computer Vision, & Machine Learning at Post Graduate Level and on the field (in real time). He is also the Founder, Principal Investigator at Handsonlabs Software Academy.