Software Developer makes ‘Counter-Strike’ 1.6 work on mobile phone running Android OS


An independent programmer has made “Counter-Strike” version 1.6 to work on an Android mobile phone. The popular online shooter game worked almost perfectly on a mobile phone with few problems on the controls.

Programmer Alibek Omarov has broken the code and made the popular shooter game work on Android, which made a lot of fans impressed. The ported game is not a recreation or a stream of the game, but it is the full game running on a mobile device that has Android OS.

The controls are cluttered on the touch screen, which made the game complicated to play. Omarov explained on Reddit that there is an option to change the layout of the controls, but players will need to have a bit of knowledge in changing codes. Some posters suggested that since Android is flexible when it comes to accessories, interested players can connect keyboards and gamepads for better controls.

According to Github’s official website, interested fans will need to download the necessary APK files and follow the instructions to make the game work. Another requirement for this game is the latest Xash3D Android engine to have a better experience. Lastly, they will need to acquire the shooter game first from Steam, so that they can copy the cstrike and valve folders to the game folder on the phone’s SD Card.

After transferring all necessary files and changes to some codes, players can run the CS16Client app to play the game. The game does not play too smoothly, but the game is playable and the slowdown is bearable if the mobile phone is powerful enough. There is still no fully functional online component for this version except for one map, but players can try out having fun with shooting AI bots just to pass the time.

Omarov has experience in making old PC games run on the Android OS, and has been a part of a development team that made Valve’s classic “Half-Life” run on an Android mobile phone just last year. When he ported this popular online shooter game, he worked on the code alone, which garnered him a lot of praise from different Reddit posters.

Courtesy: Yibida