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Samsung Foldable Future

Previously in 2019, it seemed as though foldable smartphones were the answer to a question that nobody had asked. Worse, they quickly became problematic for their manufacturers; Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold, for example, suffered multiple delays, hardware faults and a full-on PR disaster when it launched three years ago.
But here we are, one long pandemic later, and not only do we have a third iteration of the Galaxy Z Fold, but it has also taken precedence over Samsung’s highly popular Note series – which was not refreshed for 2021. So are we looking at the first ‘mainstream’ foldable smartphone, or is the Galaxy Z Fold 3 just a poor substitute for a Note 21?
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 review: Design
It’s a little ironic that the Fold 3, with its squared frame, almost looks like two skinny Note handsets stuck together when folded; it’s a slim smartphone, with a 6.2in outer display, that folds out into a mini tablet, with a 7.6in inner display. The key points for this to work are its hinge and its foldable display – both of which are very delicate innovations.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 review: Features

Feature-wise, there are an abundance of work-centric improvements on the Fold. It has S-Pen support, with two stylus models available: the S-Pen Fold Edition or the S-Pen Pro. Both are sold separately and neither were made available to IT Pro for this review, presumably because – unlike the Note 20 – the Fold doesn’t have a dedicated slot for a stylus. For that, you need to buy a case.
That being said, there are better reasons to buy the Fold 3 than there were for its predecessors: it’s (slightly) tougher, the 120Hz refresh rate on both displays is a joy, it has much more power and the software is fantastic and intuitive. What’s more, it’s clear that the Fold is now a key part of the Samsung smartphone family, so we can presumably expect it to get even better. But for right now, we have a pretty worthy foldable at our fingertips.

Bright Infinix Memory on NVIDIA Geforce RTX: True instance of Back/Frond End Design

Brilliant Memory: Infinite is a lightning-quick combination of the FPS and activity classes, joining a wide assortment of abilities and capacities.

HP contributes good effort to minimize Global warming Events

Thoughtful HP Inspires Sustainability in the midst of Global Warming Events by helping to recycle waste  products into better products that minimize environmental degradation.

ISID raises the stakes hidden in Text Using Azure Machine Learning and PyTorch

An Asian based company brings innovation to monitor customer feedback with pytorch and Microsoft Azure to produce “TextAIntelligence”.

Scientists discover “strong evidence” for model mystery sub-atomic force of nature – BBC News

“The Fifth Element of Nature”, besides gravitational, electromagnetic, strong, and weak forces respectively is now a main focus of research as scientists are postulating that it might have answers to some yet to be known events in the galaxy and on human dominated earth.

NVIDIA CloudXR 3.0

This is the new way of using Virtual & Augmented Reality “wire-lessly”. NVIDIA has introduced a new way of using these technologies without the overhead of interconnected cables that restrict movement.

James Cameron explains Filmmaking

You might have seen “The Terminator”, a movie whose sequel won the Academy of Arts prize in the 1990s. Another was “Titanic”, another movie that got the attention of the Academy of Arts.  Would you have belived the Director was a former “..Truck Driver” who made it to the top above the odds?