Rock Solid Careers For 6 Major Personality Types

A big part of finding the right career is finding the pockets in the labor market that have lots of demand. STEM, healthcare, and IT quickly come to mind; with numerous companies striving to find talent, there’s opportunity all over the nation.

But before you chase market trends, it’s critical to make sure the career is something you’d actually like to do. Too many people end up in jobs they just don’t like. Fortunately, there’s a wealth of information out there and in just a few minutes, you can learn how your unique qualities (strengths, interests, and personality) line up with real-world careers.

Find Your Calling and CareerBuilder recently released helpful lists of five in-demand careers for each of the major career personality types: creators, thinkers, organizers, doers, persuaders, and helpers.


Note about the data

The data presented here comes from Emsi’s comprehensive datasetwhich contains over 800 different types of careers. The employment figures are for the entire US. Wages are median and assume full-time employment.