Part III: Returning to PHP: Highlighting with the new highlights in variant 7+: Invalid Blend Administrator

The Realistic observation in practice is that PHP has long served as a server side web script. It also supports seamless data processing between web servers and client browsers. Besides, validating the existence of a variable is a common occurrence. For instance, utilizing the super-global arrays such as if isset ($_GET [‘variable’]) { }, is now being modified to behave more effectively by appending a coalesce (??) operator which when added to PHP code returns either:

  1. The result of its first operand if it exists and is not NULL or
  2.  returns it’s second operand.

PHP 7 Null Coalesce Syntax: $_GET [‘variable’]?? “”

Earlier versions would have raised an E_NOTICE error, however, with php 7 version release, this feature has come to stay. Here are some typical examples:

1. Demonstrating NonCoalesceOperator in PHP 7

Output Blank on the browser: indicating no error

2. Demonstrating NonCoalesceOperator with a PHP class


absolute_absolute_absolute Notice: Undefined property: absolute::$basic in php7_NonCoalesceOperator3.php on line 14 absolute_absolute_absolute$absolute->basic does not exist.$absolute->basic->cman does not exist.



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