Nvidia delves into Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality


NVIDI, similar to Intel Electronic Blue-chip manufacturers are proposing  building artificial intelligence (learning machines) and virtual reality features into their future electronic boards. This is coming on the heels of GPU Technology Conference recently concluded.

This would certainly support Virtual companies with Iray VR, with new video rendering technology which will modify new video outlining in 350 degree video displays on devices. Hopefully this will come on board in June. Interiors and Car designs too will be affected by this new technology.

“Deep Learning”, a  phrase that encompasses data mining and knowledge discovery is one of the motivations behind NVIDIA’s  new concept. They already released Tesla P100 GPU which explores deep learning neural network and more then ten times faster than its peers in high performance computing. This venture was produced as part of a $2 billion worth research and development, powered with 150 billion transistors on a single chip. This is indeed a plus to machine learning.