Nintendo Unveils New Switch Specifications And Operating System Information


Usually when a tech company announces a new product, they release a full list of specifications for gearheads to pour over, but of course, Nintendo isn’t most tech companies. When they finally unveiled the Switch earlier this month, they still left a lot of the nitty-gritty details under wraps.

Well, set your faces to stunned, because Nintendo’s UK branch has put up a full Switch specifications page. It isn’t as detailed as some may like, but it does reveal a few new tidbits we didn’t know before. Such as…


Battery Life: We already knew the Nintendo Switch will last for 2 ½ to 6 hours depending on the game, but now we know how long it will take to fully charge – 3 hours. Joy-Con batteries will last for approximately 20 hours, and take 3.5 hours to charge.

In somewhat disappointing news, you won’t be able to open up your Switch to replace the battery should it die, but Nintendo will be offering a paid service where you can send in your Switch to have the battery replaced. Not ideal, but better than nothing.

USB: The Switch dock will come with three USB 2.0 ports. USB 3.0 support will be added in an update.

Memory Expansion: The Switch will support microSD, microSDHC and microSDXC cards, although SDXC support will require an update.


Nintendo also provided a clearer look at the system’s home menu and UI. The line-up of icons on the bottom are given a description – the red one on the left is News button, which will provide updates on games, the yellow one is the online shop, and the blue one is for editing and sharing screenshots. Nintendo also confirms you can manage your online friends list via the home menu, meaning not all online features will be exclusively handled with the controversial mobile app.

You can check out the full Nintendo Switch specification list right here. See if you can catch anything I might have missed!

Courtesy WWG