Handsonlabs in PHP.M.Sql

Handsonlabs in PHP & MariaDB (formerlly MYSQL) is a six weekend course developed for novice programmers in undergraduate, or postgraduate levels to sub-advanced or intermediate level of web application development.

Topics covered include: PHP COURSE OUTLINE (6 weekend course)

1. General Introduction (Software Applications, [Natives & Web-Apps])

2. Setting up your Environment Xampp Installation (Xitami,Wamp,Mamp, Apache Webservers in perspective) Adobe Dreamweaver Installation (& other IDEs in standpoint) Defining a Web Application (Local Site)& linking it up to a Web Server (Xampp in this case).

3. PHP.HTML Syntax Php tags Strings, Variables, Constants, Output Statements, Delimiters, phpinfo() function General Knowledge of Embedding php in Html Tables & Forms

4. PHP Program Structures: Superglobal Arrays -$_GET, $_POST General Arrays Associative Arrays Iterations- while, switch, for.Do Selection-If, else, elseif Dates

5. MYSQL DATABASE ADMINISTRATIONS Creating Databases Creating Tables Connecting From php codes Insert Query Select Query Update Query Delete Query

6. Sub-Advanced or Intermediate Php: Functions, methods objects & Classes Sessions &Cookies CSS3 Coding,Validation, Jquery & Ajax, Json, Angular JS, Node.Js, Page Restrictions using sessions, Login/Out Pages Php Utilities- Code-igniter, Pear, Zend framework etc Php Applications- WordPress, Joomla, Cubecart, forums, Facebook & Twitter Making U$$ from the Open source Community especially php+mysql+jquery through freelance and online Jobs.

Part I focuses on (1,2 and part of 3 above) as well as:

1. Installing Xampp Webserver & PHP on Ubuntu 19.04 2. Installing Xampp Webserver & PHP on Microsoft Windows

3. Introduction to Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) such as: A. Setting up Eclipse for Php Web Development and Xampp Webserver B. Setting up Adobe Dreamweaver and Xampp Webserver C. Setting up Notepadd++ and Xampp Webserver D. Coding a first script in Php