Software Engineering:Developing Intuition for SELECTIVE ALGORITHM USING IF, ELSE IF

There are three major routines make algorithm into useful software engineering utilities namely:

  1. Selection (e.g. the use of if, else, elseif)
  2. Iteration (e.g. the application of while, do while)
  3. Sequence (this combines process 1 & 2 above and forms the actual algorithm which executes the program at run-time).

Furthermore, in Software Engineering, decision processes are established through selective keywords such as “if,else,elseif). While “if” executes one block of code, “else” and “elseif” provide alternative decision routes within an algorithm the moment certain conditions are met.

Approach: In order to achieve this programmatically and practically, let’s develop A Letter Grade System using “if and elseif” selection statements in PHP. This video is a must watch if you want to lay a solid grasp of this concept.