Computerized DNA Programming


Scientists are coming close to bridging the gap between computer software programming and Biologically inspired methods. MIT has developed a resource that is capable to design Deoxyribo -Nucleic Acid Circuits for living cells according to the Journal of Science.

DNA is actully the major biological chemical responsible for Genetic Inheritance. Probably the first instance of making computer algorithm for living cells.

The resource is referred to as “CELLO”, which makes end users re-combine the sequence of human cells popular in synthetic biology. Verilog, a programming language for electronic circuits on a computer chip inspires this new innovation. The user registers a pattern then the computer program translates it into a DNA order that produces a method, such as a drug pharmaceutical medicine.

The research elaborates on the issue of automated production, construction and testing of logic circuits in living cells.

Sixty (60) DNA circuits were produced, forty-five (45) worked in execution time. This new innovation has taken over five years to research.