Computer Automation processes & the need for Computer Programming


Artificial Intelligence (in specifics Machine Learning)

is seriously on the rise as most processes are getting more and more automated.

As a matter of fact, Information Communication Technology economic employment sector might be facing a major threat from automation of processes. Well, this comes as no new news looking back at the history of computer innovations and history. It has always been seen as a major threat to manual forms of employment.

This is already making many uncomfortable of probably losing their sole means of livelihood.

Finland on the European continent, as a proactive step, is already making ready financial resource to salvage possible victims of automated computer processes. The immediate past US President, Barrack Obama has also emphasized on the need to equip huge number of American Workers from going obsolete. Some have proffered finding alternative to current source(s) of income to avoid being put out of Job due to improvements of Information Communication Technology.

Absolution of regular jobs is not new, as most corporate bodies such as banks have computerized human teller jobs with Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) that have been successfully tested on the field of International and local banking Industries with unprecedented success. In this current dispensation, where Global Economies are going through major changes, Information Technology Engineering is facing a mammoth improvement over the coming years.

Putting the Pieces together:

According to Reich, “…reduction in median incomes in the counties that overwhelmingly voted for President Donald Trump was caused not by “globalization”, but by the inexorable rise of Technology, and it’s almost insidious spread into every facet of human endeavor”

Software Engineering is going to outlive a lot of jobs, as it demands diverse specializations than a regular office job, this is a sure fact. Whether you talk about blue collar work, which has been known to be between man’s office jobs and the super computer it’s all here. For instance, spreadsheets and word processing software programs remain indispensable for daily office routines. Regular software application can rise instinct, curiosity and more productive especially for employees. This in contrast to biological sciences or careers.

Google, the American Software Giant has been over the years encouraging computer software engineering cutting across all ages and taxonomy who have the franchise and focus. This includes children in schools as well as core professionals.

Putting available resources to horn out productive and result oriented human resourcing in any workplace is a great asset. I can tell you this as an active Computer Systems and Software Engineering Expert. It opens up doors to endless employment in the age of automated processes or better yet, gets elusive results, delivering long awaited ends.

Analyzing, trending and reporting datasets in a distributed clustered, structured or unstructured computing environment is a great ability in the 21st century. This is currently spanning bioinformatics, science and engineering, and statistical analysis.

Real time optimization, trending, analysis, discovery of patterns for old and new information and the bigger picture.

Courtesy Engr. Tobi Owoeye