Artificial Intelligence & Internet of things examples in Human Health and wellness

Monitoring viruses before they occur is a huge advantage. Premonition tends to change the paradyne of drug treatment and their preconceived outcomes. Besides, reacting to pathogens, consistently looking or tracking them as they evolve could be very imperative.

Computer based Signals could

  1. Potentially split unforeseen threats earlier than expected
  2. Respond Faster
  3. Develop new interventions before outbreaks occur
  4. Robotics, Cloud computing is a converging point where monitoring these species can occur in a new way /scale.

2014 Ebola Outbreak that led to this event procedure. Question:

  1. How did this disease jump from animals to  humans?
  2. What signals went missing from these events?
  3. What technologies is needed to be created?
  4. One of the technologies needed to help this case scenario is perhaps a “Global Sensor Network”, to monitor microbe producing species.
  5. The fact is that our immediate environment is constantly leaving track of clues.
  6. Additionally, there is the imperative need to figure out how to read them.


[How to build this global network]:

Arthropods, insects, etc are found on land, sea (water), and air bringing contaminants to living things.

Fig, 1.1. Internet of things Smart Device (Credits: Microsoft)

Smart Devices (Fig. 1.1); Robotic Platforms with sufficient  Hard Disk Space can monitor Arthropods, identify mosquitoes in a mili second, or capture it in a split second for further analysis should the organism fly past any of these kind of internet of things device sensors.

Assume this Fig. 1.1. internet of things devices  captures say 10,000 mosquitoes for each encounter say per second, per specie of mosquitoes, plus climate conditions (variables), which might be humanly impossible, then in time these individual data could form petabytes of data variables to monitor the Biome of each of these organisms.

The real potential of this device comes when they are networked together to form massive “big Data”, of organic variants that can be scanned against millions of already known or unknown genome signatures. Hence, produce disease & pathogen monitoring in a new way.

Fig. 1.2 DNA image. Credits: pixabay

Genomic Picture (Fig. 1.2): As this device grows in data, it would begin to detect anomalies, scan for viruses, microbes and other genetic signatures both known and unknown.

Genomic Picture (Fig. 1.2): As this device grows in data, it would begin to detect anomalies, scan for viruses, microbes and other genetic signatures both known and unknown.

Fig. 1.3 Arthropod example. Credits: Pixabay

A single Arthropod (Fig. 1.3) sample can contain a great amount of digital fragments of genetic material which will be scanned against a database of  perhaps over 2 trillion pairs of DNA, representing a bulk of Genomes on earth.


In succession, this would build a huge statistical Model (Fig. 1.4) of the most likely organism [ such as Ebola, Zika, dog, insect or etc] present in any organic sample for further analysis.

Questions using the Genetic code in the sample concerning the likely organism or pathogen in any model can then be precisely answered with the help of this new approach.

This is important because Health threats  have direct impact to human society, economy, just to mention a few.

COVID 19 might be the most recent, HUMAN Health threat, but might not be the last.

Consumer Technology Robotics, plus Artificial Intelligence and Cloud Computing are handly tools that could avert highly contagious ailment for the entire human race.