Android Operating System to be renewed.


The globe is awaiting the big release of the new edition of the OS by Android. We do not know yet whether it will be known as Android 4.5 or Android 5, but whatever it is known as, we will take a look at some of the key requirements and functions likely to be a aspect of this new OS.

The Launch Date

There is large rumours regarding the actual release time period. If gossips are to be considered, it is likely that the new os will be revealed by Search engines at the Search engines I/O 2014 meeting which will be organised in San Francisco in between Twenty fifth and 26th of July. This is an yearly occasion and has often been the system for some big releases and key reviews.

The Key Highlights of the New OS

When it comes down to what the key functions are going to be, here are some of the facts that you need to know.

The Interface

The interface is likely to get a renovation too as there are going to be different types of changes arriving up. It is said that the new os will provide an interface that carefully appears like the one provided by Nexus 5. It is known as moonshine and the symbols are a little cartoon and have 3D, trendy contact to it.

Time for 64 Bit

This is another big gossip doing the units presently. It is considered that Android os will now become 64 bit compared with the 32 bit edition that it used to be. The Snapdragon 808 and 810 processer snacks have indicated at the chance that the new OS by Android os may be 64 pieces.

Once the OS operates on 64 bit processer, the rate of multi-tasking is going to really enhance and mobile phones will be able to tap the most out of their 3 GB RAM settings as the snacks can shop and package more information.

Stronger Security

Further, there are reviews that Search engines is making an effort to create sure that the new OS is much more protected, looks more expert and can manage both individual and company orientations. The actual information of the functions that will be applied to implement higher protection stay mostly unidentified, but we can be optimistic that Search engines is going to enhance the overall performance provided by the Android os operating program.

These are some of the key functions that are going to be a aspect of Android 5.0. As these are still gossips and we do not have any formal information from Search engines itself, we keep rumors about the same. Once the formal release is done in the 30 days of July, we will have a much better image.

However, we still need to delay before we can actually get our arms on Android  5.0. It is likely that the soon to be launched Nexus 6 smart phone or Nexus 10 product is going to come up with this new OS and then the other gadgets will adhere to.

Courtesy: Gamerheadlines