11 Most Profitable Programming Languages To Learn in 2016

Computer programmers are in luck, since according to our list of 11 most profitable programming languages to learn in 2016, they can easily become wealthy. And if you are struggling with job options, maybe taking a course in programming languages isn’t a bad idea, since the best of all is that you don’t have to have a degree, just the knowledge.

Since we live in the modern world, technology-related jobs are in high demand. Like that is not enough, they have also become very lucrative and are always at the top of best-paid jobs. If you manage to land a job in some tech-giant like Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple, only the sky is the limit.

A programming language is basically used for writing a program that will control the behavior of machines, for example, your computer. Also, they are used to express algorithms, algorithms being set of pre-defined operations that will be executed. But, we won’t bother you with too many details. For more information, use Google. However, we will tell you that Google used C++ and Python, but eventually created its own programming language.


Let’s get back to the money side. All around the world, new tech companies rise, and they need programmers to turn their ideas into actions. These kinds of companies will even hire inexperienced programmers and help them expand their knowledge. In fact, they invest not in the person, but in their future, because that young programmer could eventually write a piece of software worth millions.

Don’t let the money fool you. Programming languages are not easy to learn. They are maybe even harder to master than these 8 most profitable foreign languages to learn for job seekers. It takes a lot of dedication, practice and learning before you master one language and the odds are high that one, two even three won’t be enough.

If this didn’t discourage you, let us find out those 11 most profitable programming languages to learn in 2016. Firstly we discovered which programming languages are in high demand using the data from Tiobe. We took 11 programming languages that are in highest demand and ranked them by salaries available from the report made by Gooroo. Gooroo unfortunately didn’t have data for Delphi/Object Pascal and Visual Basic. NET so we found it on IT World, and Indeed.

Let start with the countdown of the best programming languages to learn this year, in order to earn some serious money!

11. PHP 

Average salary: around $72,000

Officially called Personal Home Page Tools (PHP Tools), PHP’s first version was released in 1995 and developer Rasmus Lerdorf never intended to write a new programming language since he used it to maintain his personal homepage.


10. Delphi/Object Pascal 

Average salary: around $78,000

This is an object-oriented version of the good old Pascal. It is primarily used for making desktop, mobile, web, and console applications. According to our source, Delphi/Object Pascal had the 9th largest increase in demand starting from 2015.


9.Visual Basic .NET 

Average salary: around $80,000

This programming language is the successor of the original Visual Basic that went in the history in 2002. It is implemented on the .NET Framework developed by Microsoft. Visual Basic .NET is quite easy to learn and it gives the possibility of fast code writing.


8. C# 

Average salary: around $81,000

C# or C – sharp first appeared in 2000, and it intends to stay. This programming language is aimed to be simple for the users, modern and to have a general purpose.


7. JavaScript 

Average salary: around $83,000

Don’t confuse it with Java; we will deal with it later. Together with HTML and CSS, JavaScript is one of the three essential technologies of World Wide Web content production.



6. C 

Average salary: around $85,000

C is considered one of the most widely used programming languages of all time. That shouldn’t come as a surprise since it was developed 44 years ago. Most of the later programming languages like C++, JavaScript and others directly borrow some of its features.


5. C++ 

Average salary: around $90,000

C++ is one of the most influential and recognizable programming languages on our 11 most profitable programming languages to learn in 2016 and beyond. That and the power it brings are the main reasons for this high salary. Also, C++ is credited for being reliable, fast and perfect fit for large-scale projects.


4. Perl

Average salary: around $93,000

Nicknamed “the Swiss Army chainsaw of scripting languages”, Perl offers flexibility and power. This programming language gained its fame after being used for CGI animations.  Perl borrows features from other languages like C and AWK.



3. Java

Average salary: around $97,000

Now, this is the basic Java, and you must recognize the name from that obnoxious pop-up “Java update available”. Java is currently the most popular programming language in the world, which can be seen by this hefty salary.


2. Python 

Average salary: around $97,000

Phyton’s philosophy is aimed at functionality. The programs written in Phyton are usually smaller than in other languages, for example, a program written in Phyton is 3-5 times smaller than one written in Java. The downside is that the programs written in Phyton can be slower.


1. Ruby

 Average salary: around $100,000

This programming language probably has the most attractive name among all the other most profitable programming languages to learn in 2016. Maybe that is the key feature that makes it so well paid and popular. In case you are wondering, the other proposed name was Coral. Ruby was developed by Japanese programmer Yukihiro Matsumoto, and it is often described as: “A dynamic, open source programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity. It has an elegant syntax that is natural to read and easy to write.”

Courtesy InsiderMonkey