About The Handsonlabs Software Academy ( RC 2467796)

Handsonlabs Software Academy (best described as a Non-Governmental, Nigerian registered ICT, Computer Systems Engr., E-Learning Firm), is specialized in cutting edge technologies that provides platforms for producing HANDS-ON, deep learning environment establishing key facts and figures learnt in theories of Computer Science, Electrical/Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics and other related subjects.

The Federal Inland Revenue Service ID (FIRS file Number is (MSTO Alaba) 20217104. Oluwatobi, Michael OWOEYE, is the Principal Investigator at Handsonlabs Software Academy, an experienced Computer Systems Expert with over seventeen years’ experience and the published author of “Handsonlabs in Php, MySql (June, 2013),” “The Making of A Disciple, April 2016”, and of cos “Information Communication Technology Compendium for Nigerian & African Universities: A Case Study of Lagos State University. (2017)”.

Furthermore, Hands-On-Labs Software Academy was founded on the ever increasing need of students in Nigerian University Institutions as well as International ones who are Science, Engineering & Technology inclined yet have the great gap of meeting up with today’s ubiquitous Information Communication & Technology (ICT) demands especially in software engineering. This Academy is focused on building new software developers (web & native applications) who will be ready to take on any software engineering job.

One of the major focus of Handsonlabs Software Academy is in Research and Development (Bioinformatics, Engineering), Robotics & Mobile Computing: Deep Learning Analytics, Computer Vision, Distributed and Parallel Computing, Machine Learning.

As far as this need  is concerned, Handsonlabs software Academy has come to stay.

We are located at the heart of Lagos State Sub-urban area shown below:

33 Alh Yotomi Street, Carpenter Buss Stop, off Safiu Aduke Street, Ojo Igbede Road, Ajangbadi. Ojo. Lagos. Nigeria.

Formerlly, Handsonlabs Software Academy was located here:

View Hands-On-Labs Software Academy in a larger map

Oluwatobi (Tobi) Owoeye , by God’s special Grace and mandate leads this initiative. He holds B.Sc. Computer Science from Lagos State University Lagos-Badagry Expressway, where he has been working as a staff in the University’s Information Technology & Technology Center as a Computer Operations Expert as well as a Software Developer.

You can find his complete profile on LinkedIn professional social media: Oluwatobi (Tobi) Owoeye

and on Facebook : Oluwatobi Owoeye

His publications include:

1. Handsonlabs in php.mysql avaliable on Amazon

2. Information Communication Technology Compendium for Nigerian & African Universities

Mobile computing in open source

..and other development centric software applications.

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