May, 2016

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Wonderful Google upturns Oracle Again in an Epic Legal Battle


On the 26th of May, 2016, at about 4pm, a jury in Carlifornia’s Northern District Federal Court stated in favor that Google’s application of copyright-protected code in Android was fair use, freeing it of any blame. Oracle for the second time had been seeking $p Billion for the use of  37 Java API on the Android Operating System.

In 2014 a similar legal suit lasted resulted in a $9 Billion dollar libel against Google. In the last lap of this hearing, some of which I published, Google rightly had a superior  argument stating that Android’s re-implementation of the Application Programming Interface was fair, allowing algorithms without breaking Oracle’s copyright which the Jury found convincing.


The legal battle hinged on a large part of mails sent by Android founder Andy Rubin, who maintained to write codes for the Android Operating system after Google’s Acquisition in 2005. One of the mails discovered through the legal process, discovered Rubin’s criticism of another company’s decision to build on top of the Java API System which at that time was owned by Sun Micro-system. According to Him, Java.lang.apis are copyrighted and Sun decides who to license it to.

One of the Sweet things about google is its pro-activeness and anti-redundancy. From being a successful Giant Internet Search Engine, they have gone to higher expansions:

Number Company Business Country Used as or integrated with
1 Deja Usenet  USA Google Groups
2 Outride Web search engine  USA Google Personalized Search
3 Pyra Labs Weblog software  USA Blogger
4 Neotonic Software Customer relationship management  USA Google GroupsGmail
5 Applied Semantics Online advertising  USA AdSenseAdWords
6 Kaltix Web search engine  USA iGoogle
7 Sprinks Online advertising  USA AdSenseAdWords
8 Genius Labs Blogging  USA Blogger
9 Ignite Logic HTML editor  USA Google Sites
10 Picasa Image organizer  USA PicasaBlogger
11 ZipDash Traffic analysis  USA Google Maps
12 Where2 Map analysis  AUS Google Maps
13 Keyhole, Inc Map analysis  USA Google MapsGoogle Earth
14 Urchin Software Corporation Web analytics  USA Google Analytics
15 Dodgeball Social networking service  USA Google Latitude
16 Akwan Information Technologies Search engines  BRA Internet backbone
17 Reqwireless Mobile browser  CAN Google Mobile
18 Current Communications Group Broadband Internet access  USA Internet backbone
19 Android Mobile software  USA Android
20 Skia Graphics software  USA AndroidGoogle Chrome
21 Phatbits Widget engine  USA Google Desktop
22 allPAY GmbH Mobile software  GER Google Mobile
23 bruNET GmbH Mobile software  GER Google Mobile
24 dMarc Broadcasting Advertising  USA AdSense
25 Measure Map Weblog software  USA Google Analytics
26 Upstartle Word processor  USA Google Docs
27 @Last Software 3D modeling software  USA Google Sketchup
28 Orion Web search engine  AUS Google Search
29 2Web Technologies Online spreadsheets  USA Google Spreadsheet
30 Neven Vision Germany GmbH Computer vision  GER PicasaGoogle Goggles
Cold North Wind/ Historical Newspapers  CAN Google Books/Scholar
31 YouTube Video sharing  USA YouTube
32 JotSpot Web application  USA Google Sites
33 Endoxon Mapping   CHE Google Maps
34 Adscape In-game advertising  USA AdSense
35 Trendalyzer Statistical software  SWE Google Analytics
36 Tonic Systems Presentation program  USA Google Docs
37 Marratech Videoconferencing  SWE Google TalkGoogle Hangouts
38 DoubleClick Online advertising  USA AdSense
39 GreenBorder Computer security  USA Google Chrome
40 Panoramio Photo sharing  ESP Panoramio
41 FeedBurner Web feed  USA FeedBurner
42 PeakStream Parallel processing  USA Android
43 Zenter Presentation program  USA Google Docs
44 GrandCentral Voice over IP  USA Google Voice
45 ImageAmerica Aerial photography  USA Google Maps
46 Postini Communications security  USA Gmail
47 Zingku Social networking service  USA Google Mobile
48 Jaiku Microblogging  FIN Google Mobile
49 Omnisio Online video  USA YouTube
50 TNC Weblog software  KOR Blogger
51 On2 Video compression  USA WebMYouTube
52 reCAPTCHA Security  USA Google Books
53 AdMob Mobile advertising  USA DoubleClickInvite Media
54 Gizmo5 Voice over IP  USA Google TalkGoogle Hangouts
55 Teracent Online advertising  USA AdSense
56 AppJet Collaborative real-time editor  USA Google WaveGoogle Docs
57 Aardvark Social search  USA Aardvark
58 reMail Email search  USA Gmail
59 Picnik Photo editing  USA Picasa
60 DocVerse Microsoft Office files sharing site  USA Google Docs
61 Episodic Online video platform start-up  USA YouTube
62 PlinkArt Visual search engine  UK Google Goggles
63 Agnilux Server CPUs  USA Android
64 LabPixies Gadgets  ISR iGoogleAndroid
65 BumpTop Desktop environment  CAN Android
66 Global IP Solutions Video and audiocompression  USA WebRTC
67 Simplify Media Music streaming  USA Android
68 Travel  USA Google
69 Invite Media Advertising  USA DoubleClick
70 ITA Software Travel technology  USA Google Flights
71 Metaweb Semantic search  USA Google Search
72 Zetawire Mobile paymentNFC  CAN AndroidGoogle WalletGoogle Checkout
73 Instantiations Java/Eclipse/AJAX developer tools  USA Google Web Toolkit
74 Social gaming  USA Google+OrkutGoogle Play
75 Jambool Social Gold payment  USA Google+Orkut
76 Visual search engine  USA Google Shopping
77 Angstro Social networking service  USA GoogleGoogle Alert
78 SocialDeck, Inc. Social gaming  CAN GoogleGoogle+
79 Quiksee Online video  ISR Google Maps
80 Plannr Schedule management  USA Google+
81 BlindType Touch typing  GRE Android
82 Phonetic Arts Speech synthesis  UK Google VoiceGoogle Translate
83 Widevine Technologies DRM  USA Google TV
84 eBook Technologies E-book  USA Google Books
85 SayNow Voice recognition  USA Google Voice
87 Zynamics Security  GER Google
88 Price comparison service  UK Google Advisor
89 Next New Networks Online video  USA YouTube
90 Green Parrot Pictures Digital video  IRL YouTube
91 PushLife Service provider  CAN Google
92 TalkBin Mobile software  USA Android
93 Sparkbuy Product search  USA Google Shopping
94 PostRank Social media analyticsservice  CAN Google
95 Admeld Online advertising  USA DoubleClickInvite Media
96 SageTV Media center  USA Google TVGoogle FiberAndroid TV
97 Punchd Loyalty program  USA Google Offers
98 Fridge Social groups  USA Google+
99 PittPatt Facial recognition system  USA Android
100 Dealmap One deal a day service  USA Google Offers
101 Motorola Mobility Mobile device manufacturer  USA AndroidGoogle TVAndroid TV,Patent portfolio
102 Zave Networks Digital coupons  USA Google Offers
103 Zagat Restaurant reviews  USA Google PlacesGoogle Maps
104 DailyDeal One deal a day service  GER Google Offers
105 SocialGrapple Social media analytics service  CAN Google+
106 Apture Instantaneous search  USA Google Search
107 Katango Social circle organization  USA Google+
108 RightsFlow Music rights management  USA YouTube
109 Clever Sense Mobile apps  USA Android
110 Milk, Inc Social networking service  USA Google+
111 TxVia Online Payment  USA Google WalletGoogle Checkout
112 Meebo Instant Messaging  USA Google Hangouts
113 Quickoffice Productivity Suite  USA Google Docs
114 Sparrow Mobile apps  FRA Gmail
115 WIMM Labs Android powered smartwatches  USA Android
116 Wildfire Interactive Social media marketing  USA GoogleGoogle+
117 Security  ESP Google
118 Nik Software, Inc. Photography  USA GoogleAndroid
119 Viewdle Facial recognition  UKR Android
120 Incentive Targeting Inc. Digital coupons  USA Google Offers
121 BufferBox Package delivery  CAN Google ShoppingAndroid
122 Channel Intelligence Product ecommerce  USA Google Shopping
123 DNNresearch Inc. Deep Neural Networks  CAN GoogleX
124 Talaria Technologies Cloud computing  USA Google Cloud
125 Behavio Social Prediction  USA Google Now
126 Wavii Natural Language Processing  USA Google Knowledge Graph
127 Makani Power Airborne wind turbines  USA X
128 Waze GPS navigation software  ISR Google Maps
129 Bump Mobile software  USA AndroidAndroid Beam
130 Flutter Gesture recognitiontechnology  USA GoogleAndroidX
131 FlexyCore DroidBooster App for Android  FRA Android
132 SCHAFT, Inc. Roboticshumanoid robots  JPN X
133 Industrial Perception Robotic armscomputer vision  USA X
134 Redwood Robotics Robotic arms  USA X
135 Meka Robotics Robots  USA X
136 Holomni Robotic wheels  USA X
137 Bot & Dolly Robotic cameras  USA X
138 Autofuss Ads and Design  USA X
139 Boston Dynamics Robotics  USA X
140 Bitspin Timely App for Android   CHE Android
141 Nest Labs, Inc Home automation  USA Google
142 Impermium Internet security  USA Google
143 DeepMind Technologies Artificial Intelligence  UK Google DeepMind
144 SlickLogin Internet Security  ISR Google
145 Anti ad-fraud  UK DoubleClickAdsense
146 GreenThrottle Gadgets  USA Android
147 Titan Aerospace High-altitude UAVs  USA Project Loon
148 Rangespan E-commerce  UK Google Shopping
149 Adometry Online advertising attribution  USA Google
150 Appetas Restaurant website creation  USA Google
151 Stackdriver Cloud computing  USA Google Cloud
152 MyEnergy Online Utility Usage Monitor  USA Nest Labs
153 Quest Visual Augmented Reality  USA Google Translate
156 Divide Device Manager  USA Android
156 Skybox Imaging Satellite  USA Google MapsProject Loon
156 mDialog Online advertising  CAN DoubleClick
157 Alpental Technologies Wireless Technology  USA Google
158 Dropcam Home Monitoring  USA Nest Labs
159 Appurify Mobile Device Cloud, Testing Services  USA Google Cloud
160 Songza Music streaming  USA Google PlayAndroid TV
161 drawElements Graphics compatibility testing  FIN Android
162 Emu IM client  USA Google HangoutsGoogle Now
163 Director Mobile video  USA YouTubeAndroid
164 Jetpac Artificial intelligence, image recognition  USA X
165 Gecko Design Design  USA X
166 Zync Render Visual Effects Rendering  USA Google Cloud Platform
167 Lift Labs Liftware  USA Verily
168 Polar Social Polling  USA Google+
169 Firebase Data Synchronization  USA Google Cloud Platform
170 Dark Blue Labs Artificial Intelligence  UK Google DeepMind
171 Vision Factory Artificial Intelligence  UK Google DeepMind
172 Revolv Home Automation  USA Nest Labs
173 RelativeWave App Development  USA Material Design
174 Vidmaker Video Editing  USA YouTube
175 Launchpad Toys Child-friendly apps  USA YouTube for Kids
176 Odysee Photo/video sharing & storage  USA Google+
177 Softcard Mobile payments  USA Google Wallet
178 Red Hot Labs App advertising and discovery  USA Android
179 Thrive Audio Surround sound technology  IRE Google Cardboard
180 Tilt Brush 3D Painting  USA Google Cardboard
181 Timeful Mobile software  USA Google InboxGoogle Calendar
182 App Performance Enhancer  USA Android
183 Pixate Prototyping and Design  USA Material Design
184 Oyster Ebook Subscription Service  USA Google Play
185 Jibe Mobile Mobile Cloud Communications  USA Android
186 Agawi Mobile Cloud Communications  USA AndroidGoogle Play
187 Digisfera 360° photography  POR Street View
188 Fly Labs Video Editing  USA Google Photos
189 bebop Cloud software  USA Google
190 Pie Mobile App  SGP X

This is definitely one of the most remarkable legal decisions concerning open source technology. After-all, Albert Einstein, Michael Faraday and several faceless, countless individuals all made spectacular open source innovations that today is benefiting the whole world. Even the giant Microsoft acknowledges and benefits form open source. Knowledge they say is continuous.

Every one knows that Open source has benefited humanity over the years and will yet do.